Community Commitment

A successful project, healthy ecosystem and vibrant community are all important to Constantine and our employees. Constantine is committed to sharing information and we encourage community participation as the Project continues to advance.

We strive to be accessible and provide open and honest communication of our plans. Equally important to Constantine is hearing from the local community. Understanding local values, ideas and information is critical for planning a successful project. Your input and insight is important to us so please use this form to submit your comments, questions or concerns:

Snow Pack Monitoring Stations

As a part of our ongoing efforts to gain a better understanding of all aspects of the environment at the Palmer Project, our team installed two snow pack monitoring stations during the 2015 field season. The equipment and data service is provided by BeadedStream, an Alaskan entrepreneurial success story. The stations were installed on the South Wall at an elevation of 875m (2870ft) and 1260m (4134ft) and consist of digital temperature sensors spaced every 20 cm on a steel pole, an acoustic snow depth gauge, and a solar powered data logger with a satellite link that allows real time monitoring of data. Snow depth is determined by the difference between the digital temperature sensors that are buried in the snow, compared to the digital temperature sensors that are exposed to ambient air. The spacing of the digital temperature sensors is used to calculate the thermal gradient within the snowpack.

2019 Scholarships

The Constantine Scholarship Program is designed to help graduating high school seniors in the Chilkat Valley (Haines, Klukwan and Homeschool) reach their education goals. Funds can be used for vocational training programs as well as undergraduate degrees. Scholarship recipients will also have an opportunity for professional mentoring, project site visits, and internships with Constantine.

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Palmer Project Employment Opportunities

All positions are currently filled.

Understand and safeguard the environment

Not only is protecting the environment, fishery, fauna, and water quality extremely important to Constantine, it is the law.

Constantine understands that subsistence, recreational and commercial fishing are very important to the local community and that clean water and the safeguard of healthy fish populations is essential. Fish and fish habitat studies were initiated in 2013 and will continue to be an important part of future work at Palmer. State regulations are very protective of aquatic ecosystems and there are many examples of important watersheds with past or present mining co-existing with thriving salmon stocks (click here for ADF&G annual biomonitoring reports on productive salmon spawning creeks that traverse the Greens Creek Mine complex). In fact, there are several mines in Alaska that have enhanced fisheries through habitat enhancement resulting in healthier fish populations than before mining commenced. Constantine, using a qualified third party, began collecting water quality data in 2008 in order to help establish baseline environmental conditions. This program continues with each active field season and will help, in part, to characterize the natural environment at the Palmer Property. Constantine has also initiated rock characterization studies to focus on the potential environmental effects of rock geochemistry on water quality.

The environmental program at Palmer will progress and expand in accordance with successful exploration drilling results. If and when a deposit with sufficient size, grade and quality has been defined at Palmer, the modern mine permitting process in Alaska ensures that all projects are developed and mined in a responsible manner. Before permits for a fully operational mine can be granted, lengthy and detailed studies on everything from hydrology, air and water quality, and wetlands, to fish and aquatic habitats, and wildlife are required. In addition to environmental studies, community consultation and socioeconomic studies will also be conducted prior to mine permitting and construction. Permitting of mines in Alaska is coordinated by the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mining, Land & Water. To learn more about the permitting process please click here to view a detailed slide show prepared by the Alaska Large Mine Permitting Team.

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